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Communicating effectively is a very important thing . Its no longer a desired skill, rather a must have one ! Our appearance and non verbal cues speak more than our words.

With almost a decade of experience in HR industry and practice, I present to you this platform "NewU" that helps you master the art of communicating effectively and get your things done. NewU offers services that include managing your personality, help build confidennce, manages your wardrobe according to your personal and professional appearances and much more!

For individuals, I offer services on effective communication skills, dress powerfully to suit occasions, personality development, Interview preparation guide, detailed and focussed group discussions to crack all competitive exams in one go, etc.

If you are a student, I help you build your resume and LinkedIn page for Social Media presence, Interview preparations, Writing of Statement of Purpose for your various examinations and much more.

For Corporates, I have some interesting modules for inducting/on-boarding new joiners/freshers.

Lets get connected and learn more about Public Speaking, Email Etiquette, Image Management, Personality Development, Campus Interview Hacks and more !

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