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Is Remote working the new "Wannabe" thing in the coporate world ?

It was 11 AM on the 28th of April 2020. My heart was pounding, racing, skipping a beat, palpitations, well never mind. It was one bothersome situation for me as our beloved Prime Minister Modi Ji was yet again ready to go live with his Mann ki Baat ! I engaged myself completely in the kitchen, just to avoid listening to him directly addressing further extension of lockdown days. Keeping a tab on Tweets, Whatsapp messages and social media platforms galore, I knew someone would be going parallelly live, dissecting word by word of our PM's speech and putting them on every possible platform :)

Let's agree to the great work Modi Ji is doing and how successfully we have mastered the art and science of keeping ourselves isolated to reduce the spread. Imagine- we are 135 Cr and more !

I had been sulking since the day our Software giant TCS declared its new work concept called Secured Borderless Workspaces, thereby encouraging atleast 75% of its workforce to work from home! This would mean every other company would encourage remote working ! From my son's classes, to his exams and assessments are also going digital. Every school, college, university, even Management Degree admissions aspirants are also being assessed online. My working model and scheme of doing business have started appearing murkier and mukier :P Hell more, as I am ready hunkering down, my fellow collegaues and market competitors are publishing advertisements everywhere- that they are going "Digital" too.

So, my agony cries a little and burries itself for better. Time to bootstrap, get digitally ready and face the world.

As I shoved my Pandora's box away- with notes, books, training materials and stationaries spilling over, pat comes a loud shoutout from nowhere "Mamma, help me with my assessment, why are you so distracted ?"

Wish we had "Digital Mummas" too to address these !

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