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Mother's Day? Well, just another day!

Of all special occasions that the world celebrates for umpteenth time, Mother's day makes me feel too overwhelmed. Not because I am a mother. It's because the world has been so unfair in giving us just one day to remember this complete packaged entity who bears and raises a new life! The days when a mother would be spending sleepless nights and unflagging efforts to bring the child to this world, to raise them, hold their hands and make them take that first baby step, keep singing lullaby so that the child picks up babbling, taking pride in making the child learn to read and write the first few letters and more-those days are long gone and forgotten.

Today's Mommas and their babies are generation X. From painless births to baby walkers, from Youtube videos to gaming apps- everything is at their hands, just a click away. So much so that the moment the "just started walking-talking" toddler develops some cognitive skills, he/she is put into into some Coding or Online Robotics class. Phewww ! Basically, present day Moms are smart enough to look for "Return on Investments"- the earlier the kid is exposed to technologies, the smarter he/she becomes.

Coming to my home situation. I am the Boss and I am the servant. I am the punching bag for my kid to downpour his emotions, I am the dart-board to face all spikes of his tantrums and frustrations. I am also the law-maker to ensure that rules are followed everywhere, no matter what time and place of earth it be. I am the barrage who keeps check of the inflows and outflows of resources pertaining to his upbringing. So, a Momma has to be all these and many things more 24 by 7, 365 days a year :)

Having just one day to celebrate me and you all is just not justified.

I also have deep and well meaning thoughts for those children who are raised by anybody , but the mother. This day also holds importance for those grand parents, nannies, single fathers, Uncles, Aunts and many more who have been responsible for upbringing of a child. I have had innumerable experiences of learning parenting, baby health care and sickness prevention tips from my friends ( both males and females) who themselves have not been parents yet. It's their maternal instincts, I would say, that work so fine that I am sure in future would make them some excellent parents to lovely children :) Isn't that amazing?

So whether my child grows up to celebrate this day with love and happiness or not, I shall continue to endure the challenges and say cheers to the happiness of seeing my child grow and mature. It's not just for a day, its for the time and life that I am in this world. And here's another reason to add to that feel good factor. The economic pumping in that would happen in just one day and the business houses - from florists to gift shops, that shall see some sunny days amidst lock down. It's worth celebrating.

So, go on and celebrate the feeling of motherhood and love yourself today and everyday and be thankful to all those helping hands who have shared their part in lending you their time to raise your child. After all they say, "it takes a village to raise a child".

Happy Mother's Day !

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