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Nutrition, Ayurveda and Inner healing

I am no healthcare expert, nor am I a nutritionist. But a raconteur me, would love to narrate these stories of inner healing that I have personally experienced, and got healed beautifully !

A few years ago, I suffered from major stomach issues with GERD topping the list. Naturally, any advice that came my way was tried, tested and thrown out of my home, and my mind. It was during this time that my elder sister, a practicing nutrition expert, handed me this harmless looking thin little book on nutrition and health. On a regular day I would have gladly taken the book to make her happy , and dumped it in the "BookHole" that I have at my place. For strange reasons, I refrained from reading anything related to health & nutrition and .......referred to me by others :) I believed I was in my pink of health and people handing over such books or journals believed I was not ! Period .

The mentioned book being written by a physician, Dr.Strand, caught my attention and I heartily read it in one go. Voila, it changed my outlook, my vision and mission in life. Thus started my journey to focus on eating healthy and including nutritional supplements in my diet on a regular basis. The trick worked. Good nutrition does all good things to our lives. GERD issue got addressed as well. I started recommending every other person to read the book by Dr.Strand and see the sea change that might happen to them!

My son, a toddler then, would suffer from cold and fever almost every month. A planned appointment, a day off from work and 7 days of medication, depending on the severity, were on the card, always. No exception to any month, whatsoever.

My mother reminded me of this amazing concoction that she used to give me for any minor health ailment when I was a kid. Thus started my journey of introducing Kadha to my son's life, who was a fussy eater then :) Little did I realize, during this crisis time of Covid-19, even Govt of India- AYUSH Mantralaya is prescribing people to make this wonder drink and have it on a daily basis to keep immunity related diseases at bay.

Well, I call this my Holy Grail !

My health experienced an amazing change when an old school friend of mine suggested dietary adjustments and early eating habits. It meant no overloading things into the gut because Biriyani happens to be my favorite. It also meant strictly saying "No" to any food offer after 7 PM, that people would make if i show up myself at their place. Glee ! While gulping down 8-10 cups of tea a day was a cake walk for me, the habit of restricting any beverage with Nicotine and similar substances (like Tea or Coffee I mean, don't overthink) to not more than 2-3 times is still an art and a science that I am currently practicing :P

In a very recent webinar that i attended, the famous "Ayurveda-Yoga-Oriental Medicines-Hinduism" expert Dr.David Frawley spoke at length about how our body is capable to protect itself from any external disturbances. He emphasized on Covid pandemic and how inner healing through right food, yoga, positive energy etc can work wonders and defeat any virus from taking control over our DNA mechanism, thus replicating itself and destroying us. In these times of isolation, when our lives and habits are restricted and routine lives gone haywire, self imposed discipline in food habits and lifestyle can only make us ready to face the challenging times ahead. Be it Allopathy or any alternative medicines, each one prescribes medication to address health challenges. While inner healing is the only mechanism that is in our hands to control our mind & body and protect ourselves from any external or environmental intrusion.

Happy healing !

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