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Perils of being a WFH Momma!

Of all the good things that happened amidst the #lockdown period in India is that it gave me an opportunity to bond with my soon-to-be 8 year old son:)

#Kids are growing up fast, hell yes! But my imagination fails to understand why things are still hurled and tossed here and there and across the floor. And why my grown up baby doesn't understand that its time we cut this umbilical cord of ours and accept that we are two separate entities- threaded in a single bond of love of course, and we must take up responsibilities and share them like any other household with children of his age !

So #Corona it is that has made a working momma's life miserable, and others aren't spared too. Workload ceases to slow its pace for sure. And to top it all, kids have their web classes to take from the time the gong sounds 9. #Hallelujah !

How I wish this would have been some medieval age and computers and internet were a far cry !

So, with these million tasks that I have on my plate already, thanks to this concept called #WFH, aka #WorkFromHome, there is additional zillion worth of #KidsHomework that gets into my stack. How can I forget the never ending hunger pangs that kids tend to have when they are at home and have no work to do at all. No work for them? Yes , you read it right. For every possible assignment question is addressed to "Momma" who is just a metre away. And let me tell you this, kids often assume that their mommies know anything and everything. So, if I don't remember the theory that #BananaPlant is a herb and not a tree, or if I am not able to make my kid understand what's a #PlaceValue and a #FaceValue of a number- it's a shame look on me :)

Trust me Mommas, you got to know it all to even qualify for your kid's standards of what a Mom should be !

With these mundane tasks and much more, my #culinaryskills wanted to show up their greedy heads and playing tricks on my mind to cook a new dish everyday and post them on #SocialMedia, as if regular dosage of #IndianPolitics and #Covid weren't enough to spam the walls. Well something good happened through this creative venture of mine,- my kid gets to enjoy his #favoritefood cravings everyday, and some good friends of mine are taking me for their inspiration to cook nice meals for their husbands and loved ones :) Isn't that great ?

All I can say is Corona or No Corona, a Mom's life is filled with "Yeh Karona" and "Woh Karona"

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