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Post Covid Distress Syndrome

It was a regular day and I was having some work related conversation with my childhood friend (cum advisor). While we spoke of blatant usage of euphemisms these days, the idea of Covid related anxiety popped up. Thus the name "PCDS". Covid and depression are now chasing each other like a vicious circle in most people's lives. Companies are downsizing, salary cuts being so prevalent and bad news everywhere! As companies are still encouraging work from home(think about the future business prospects that their artistically and ergonomically designed buildings might fetch if put into alternate usage), most of us are confined to the four walls of our safe den called "home". I call it "safe den" for a purpose. The predators here are all internal and known - your own partially used brains eating away emotions, your own children seeking that unwanted attention and the constant call out from family members to run errands as if in the last 2 months you have suddenly grown robotic arms & legs to be omnipresent !

Businesses are crumbling. The money churning unicorns that once picked up the best of brains from top tier institutes are now shutting doors, driving away their talent pools. Well the algorithms are written, executed and running fine after all. So why feed them more? Pun intended !

Another interesting facet that has caught my attention and so fantastically vouches for this blog's title is how those "once leading e-commerce houses" are now venturing into spaces unbeknownst to the vision and mission statements that they once framed and built their empires with :D After all, money has to be invested somewhere, then why not in those arenas that the world leaders are eyeing. Whether distress or not, but I can confidently say that our future business management students shall have some fantastic case studies to analyse, in a decade from now.

Post Covid atmosphere has certainly juxtaposed my relationship with my extended family members. With lock down norms eased, now everyone is talking about their pending social events like wedding et al. I have given my folks the shock of their lives after making that announcement of "Going Veg" and they find it crazy, outrageous, frenzy, you name any word for that matter. Now how do I make them understand that it is my conscious decision and not "Covid inspired" distress ! How do I tell them that I so easily fit into my 8 year old's T shirt that they could never fathom, and those random zits on my face that would pop up showing their ugly faces announcing my ovulation days to the world are long forgotten and forgiven too ! Sigh

I was in a hurry to write this post and copyright the title, lest someone steals the idea and my "PCDS" goes viral without a single mention of its creator ! Read this on a lighter note I say :)

While I do understand the gravity of the situation and the distress that we all are facing, but there's a silver lining around this dark cloud hovering above . And someone so correctly said " Crisis could be distressing situation for some, but it's also an amazing opportunity for many " .

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