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Solitude & Pursuit of Happiness

Solitude and happiness sound oxymoron, isn't it?

Growing up in an extended family set up, togetherness was the "in thing". Being in solitude was often associated with those who had difficulties in socializing, or those who had some trauma that made them sulk and not be a part of social gatherings. As a child, I was often taught to be an extrovert, love and accept all, be nice and kind to every little thing on earth, share things with others, and most importantly- learn how to socialize ! Sigh... My dearest mother has still not come to terms with the fact that none of our closest relatives and well wishers have visited us in the last 2 months! She and my father, after all built this house with a purpose. It is not their shelter and strength for a retired life, it is rather a place where anybody who has a purpose in life and struggling with that, and has no place to stay in the city , may come and repose :) Oh Yes. These details shall be put in an elaborate manner in some other post, lest we may deviate from the topic.

I have been a social animal, and quite literally for that matter. So much so that my family is convinced that if I ever contest in an election, I should have a hands down victory. For they believe that every second random person walking down the street, every other restaurant owner and every possible hand-loom & designer store's owner (and staffs included) definitely know me by name .... You bet ! If this had been my life prior to the declared lock down, what level of mental trauma I may be going through after sitting at home for two straight months ???? Phew.

Well, to speak the truth, I am actually enjoying it. Yes "Solitude" was the unexplored area, the forbidden zone that I was craving for all these years. A dear friend once mentioned that those who can't spend time with themselves in solitude and look for amusements outside, are the most unhappy people on this earth. Words of wisdom I say, and so very true ! If pursuit of happiness grants us to be happy in whatever legal means that we may choose, and solitude answers that, so be it.

While my professional work is getting fewer, my fellow former colleagues and buddies from IT companies are getting overloaded with their home work, aka work from home :) And they have no time to breathe as well. All I can say is- I am secretly enjoying this situation. Being in solitude has given me time to read, to write, to cook my favorite food and eat it too, to play with my son, to have innumerable baseless arguments with my mother, to look for possible nooks and corners in my room where I may find a cobweb and remind the house-help of how she has been under-performing at her work, and...... occasionally ping those hard working friends of mine, buzzing on their chat windows on and off and waiting to hear a response from them after 2 days flat ! You read that right :D

Solitude is going to be the way of life anyways. No, I do not intend to curse the earth of prolonged Covid infestation. The fact is,there will always be a time in our lives when our little birdies shall leave their nests and go away, leaving us to ponder over our beautiful past, or Aristotle's philosophies- choice is yours. Let's learn to find happiness with little things that life throws at us. Let's learn to love ourselves and be content and self reliant even in solitude. Let's not chase happiness. Let happiness chase us instead !

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